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Ilyas Shahzad
9th-May-2009 11:14 am

Opening at 11.59 AM PST, May 23rd

Name: Your name/nickname.
Main Journal: Your journal, if applicable. LJ is applicable.
E-Mail: Your e-mail.
AIM: Your AIM address.

Name: The name of the character you are applying for.
Fandom: The fandom your character is from. Please link canon information.
Personality: Show us how well you know your character. Detail and length are appreciated, but we prefer quantity over quality.
History: Your character's canon history. Please provide detail, but a novel is not necessary. Just show us you know how to write, and what you're talking about.

Occupation Desired: Your first choice for your character's job.
Other Occupation(s): Any other jobs your character may be interested in, if they could not get their first choice.

First Person Sample: A first-person sample of you playing this character. This is to be written in the format of a post on the network provided for character communication.

Third Person Sample: A third-person past tense sample of you writing this character. Quality and quantity count; this must be at least 250 words, and demonstrate your capability as a writer and your grasp of the characterization.

Anything else you wish us to know.

25th-May-2009 09:07 pm (UTC) - Ciel app [I guess I post it here 0.0']

Name: Roki
Main Journal: little_roki@livejournal.com
E-Mail: Shota_Kitten@yahoo.com
AIM: LordCiel@AIM.com

Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Personality: Despite the fact that he is only thirteen, Ciel acts very maturely most of the time, mostly due to his cold, rude, and yet cunning attitude. He is manipulative to an extent, he has learned to use people as pieces in his chess game of life, since he is virtually incapable of caring for himself. Ciel has no 'friends' due to the fact that he does not believe in allies in his chess games, causing an eternal aura of lonely, bitterness to surround him. The young noble tends to try and hide his joys and sorrows with rage or complete indifference, making him hard to read from time to time. In general Ciel is anti-social with people who are of a 'lower' class then him, or that he has no use for, making him the 'slightest' bit hard to get close to.
Ciel does have a childish however, he loves sweets, can't take care of himself and tends to pout when his strategy's fail, he also has a minor issue sleeping without company. The young boy is also temperamental and easily infuriated, proving more to the point that he is still only thirteen. Ciel, more then anything, more that he is cruel, cunning or childish, the boy is depressed and misses his family, which is now long gone.
25th-May-2009 09:08 pm (UTC) - Re: Ciel app [I guess I post it here 0.0']
History: Ciel was born into a aristocratic family called the Phantomhives, he was a happy child who loved his family with all his heart and was well loved in return. One night, however, all this was abruptly taken away from him. That night Ciel woke from his sleep to see that everything he had ever know or cared for had be ripped from his small hands, his home was burning, his mother and father laid dead along with his dog Sebastian. He and his butler, Takana, were the only ones to survive from the mansion. Some would think it lucky Ciel lived, but luck was less on his side then one would think. After being orphaned and unfound by either his aunt Madam Red or his finance Elizabeth, the 12 year old was sold into slavery, branded with a hot iron, raped, and used as a human sacrifice, where, in a turn of events, he was forced in a life or death moment to make a dark deal with a demon that could grant nearly his every wish, in exchange for his soul. Ciel's deal with the demon was that it would become his butler in order to destroy those who had done him wrong by destroying his family and home, and it was to obey every command given, it's name would be the same as his dead dog Sebastian, and it's appearance would be that or his diseased father, all in the simple exchange of his young soul. The deal was set, and thus Sebastian came to live with his master, lord Ciel, in the mansion, Ciel's original home, that the demon was ordered to rebuild.
In all truth, Ciel both admired and resented the demon who came to stay by his side, hatefully he would chuck darts at the 'man' day after day, yet allowed the man to touter him, dress him, bathe him, and feed him without any fuss. The boy and the demon lived together for about a week before they decided to hire help, first, Takana came back to their home as another butler, second, they hired an ungodly off balanced maid named Maylean, then an inhumanely strong, and uncontrollable gardener named Finnegan, and last, a phyro-manic, time obsessed cook named Bard. All together they came to live dysfunctionally with charred food, a destroyed garden and a new china set to replaced the old one each week. Other then the nearly normal days, the group also lived a second, darker life, one that included putting your life on the line day in and day out. Ciel had taken on the job left by his father, the job of being the Queen's dog, and doing her dirty work, including the Jake the Ripper cases, a demonic curry contest, and exploring a circus of misfits and soon to be murdered children. Some of the jobs brought both pain and sorrow, such as the Jack the Ripper cases, where, under an insane series of events we come to find Ciel's aunt, one of his few living relatives, was Jake the Ripper, and was soon killed by a chainsaw wielding Shinigami in front of Ciel's eyes. The other two jobs mentioned included a painful struggle to please a heart broken and spoiled prince of India, and the most current and frightful one, coming face to face with one of the cult members who had tortured him and many other young children. Though each job is hard, and each one spices Ciel's soul just a little more for Mr. Sebastian, they each bring him a little closer to escaping his crazed cousin/finance Elizabeth, closer to being painfully devoured by Sebastian, closer to getting free of his annoying servants, and most importantly finding who killed his beloved parents and put him through the worst torture of his life.

Occupation Desired: Company owner
Other Occupation(s): Any kind of underling to the highest powers
25th-May-2009 09:09 pm (UTC) - Re: Ciel app [I guess I post it here 0.0']
First Person Sample: “Where am I?” My eye blinked open to stare at an unknown area, no part of London I have ever been, I was alone, Sebastian, for the first time since we met, was not here to awaken me with his obnoxious smirk. I'm not a child, I don't need him, I can sleep alone, but I must wonder, what did that fool do to allow his master to be spirited away to a place unknown? For now I'll push that aggravating thought out of my mind to figure out where I am.
I was to weak to stand at that moment, my legs felt like water, I noticed my breathing was irregular as well, where the Hell were my servants, what were those fools up to?! I heard foot steps, they weren't to far, but it seemed they were to far away to see me, I was to weak to turn and see if they were near. I could only look up at the sky and the high walls of the buildings, I supposed I was in an alley. I had to get out of there, alleys get dangerous at night, I couldn't die there, I had to move. I am, and always have, and shall be, Ciel Phantomhive, and I swore I would not die in a filthy alleyway!

Third Person Sample: The summer-mansion was quiet tonight and Ciel had been sleeping alone, unaccompanied by his butler without him realizing it, this bothered the him. The butler always was to stay by the side of his bed unless he told him otherwise or he had some business to attend to, but they had no business tonight, and since they were away from home, there was no reason for him to clean up after their foolish servants, and more than that, he had told him to stay, so where was he? Ciel slowly sat up in his bed and stretched, reaching drowsily for his eye patch which his tied in a dead-knot crookedly over his one shining purple eye, the pact of his demonic butler Sebastian. He looked around his room. Still no butler. “Sebastian?” No reply. “Sebastian!” Louder now, but still no reply. Anger bubbled is Ciel's belly as he rose from his bed.
“I command you Sebastian, come to me now!” The room stood still and the only reply was his own echo, that sent a shiver down Ciel's spine. It also made him madder. Ciel ripped his eye patch back off and commanded one more time, “I command you Sebastian, come to your lord!” His mismatched eyes glowed a mincing duo of purple to the left and blue to the right as he turned a a full circle around his room. “Where are you!” The demon should have been able to hear him from anywhere if the pact was shown, why was he not here now? Ciel tugged at his silver-gray hair and stormed out of the room, for quite sometime he searched the mini-castle in vain. Finally after much failure the child returned to his room and pulled his eye patch back on with difficulty due to the dead-knot earlier tied, he would have to search outside as well.
Ciel went to the dresser in the corner of the room, pulled out one of his nice outfits, and put it on with great difficulty, it was crooked and disarranged, but he, at this point, did not care. He turned to leave, but a noise drifted from his window and caught his attention, he rushed to the open window and peered out. “Sebastian?” his voice drifted on the wind, but in the distance he swore he could see a figure and he leaned out farther. “Sebastian!” As he screamed to the unknown figure he felt his grasp loosen and his leg slip, and before he knew it he was tumbling to the ground from three stories up. He did not die. Or at least he didn't think he had died. No, he was alive, but where was he?. [If it is not good enough please tell me if you would like me to do more or something.]

25th-May-2009 09:09 pm (UTC) - Re: Ciel app [I guess I post it here 0.0']
OTHER: Okay three things for you to know, first of all, as for the history and such, I am using the manga, not the anime because I don't like how the anime went at the end, so for the record, the Ciel I play is manga Ciel, not anime Ciel. Second, for another job, one that Ciel would not like, but would be slightly suiting for him would be a slave, since he was part of the slave trade at one time. And third, if we get a Sebastian, or Finny, etc, who does not want them to know each other, or does, or something along those lines I am perfectly willing to change Ciel's details to suit their needs. Oh, and thank you for letting me try out. If you need more of anything, just ask.
26th-Jun-2009 03:12 am (UTC) - Riza Hawkeye, part 1/?

Name: Kate
Main Journal: katesmannequin
E-Mail: dontpoketherainbowpenguin@yahoo.com
AIM: OmgItsKatieRose

Name: Riza Hawkeye
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Personality: Riza is level-headed and can stay calm in nearly any situation. She doesn't let her emotions get in the way of the job at hand - hardly ever, anyway - and is thought of by others as being the "voice of reason."
Although to some Riza might appear to be very hard-hearted and difficult to approach, that's really not true. Despite her all-business attitude, she's actually quite a caring person. She's beyond loyal to her friends and co-workers in the military (to the point where she once lost all will to live believing that her commanding officer had been killed) and she owns a puppy (even if she did house-train the puppy by shooting at it.)
Riza's greatest strength is her skill with guns. She's one of the military's best snipers, and has saved her co-workers many a time thanks to her sharpshooting.
26th-Jun-2009 03:29 am (UTC) - Re: Riza Hawkeye, part 1/?
History: Riza's backstory (ha) isn't gone into in much detail in the manga. It's believed that her mother died when she was very young (my personal theory: her mother, like her father, was an alchemist, and died in alchemy-related circumstances; it explains why her father never taught her, as far as we know). What we do know about her past can't be talked about without first explaining Roy Mustang, a young man (at the time) who was her father's student/apprentice in the art of "flame alchemy". Before Mustang actually learned how to perform this himself, Riza's father died, leaving Riza on her own, and holding the last bit of information Mustang needed - tattooed on her back, actually. (Yeah, lovely parenting skills you've got there, Doctor Hawkeye.)
The two of them didn't see eachother again for a few years. Mustang, who had already been in the military as a state alchemist, spent the time gaining in rank; Riza joined the academy to perfect her skills as a sniper, and was sent to the front lines of the war in Ishbal before she'd even graduated. The use of the state alchemists of human weapons began shortly after; after seeing what flame alchemy could do (hint: explosions. People dying. All that fun stuff) Riza convinced Mustang to burn the tattoo on her back beyond recognition, so no one could ever use that power again.
After the war ended, Riza continued to serve in the military as Mustang's lieutenant, up until they both got too close to finding out the truth behind the Fuhrer's (sort of like the president) true identity, and she was transferred to Central HQ to work as the Fuhrer's personal secretary. That's the point in canon I'll be taking her from.
26th-Jun-2009 03:58 am (UTC) - Re: Riza Hawkeye, part 1/?
Occupation Desired: Anything, honestly. I think it might be interesting to make her a sniper for hire (that sounds classier than assassin, doesn't it?) because of her talents.
Other Occupation(s): I doubt Noyade has a police force of any sort, but if there is, she'd be well-suited for the job.

First Person Sample:

[Strikeouts are locked to those from her own world.]

0800 hours.

The last thing I remember is letting myself back into my apartment after work. Everything afterwards is just a blur, and thinking about it makes my head hurt even more. And now I'm here.

I have no idea where "here" is; it seems to be a city, but not like any city I've seen before. Definitely not Central - or anywhere in Amestris, for that matter. Perhaps it's paranoid of me to suspect the homunculi are involved in this, but it's the most plausible reason I can think of.

If anyone - anyone - from the military is here, please contact me immediately.

-First Lieutenant Hawkeye

Third Person Sample:

Riza Hawkeye did not often get headaches.
So it was a surprise for her to wake up, head throbbing, the back of her neck aching (maybe she'd slept on it the wrong way?) and - strangest of all - lying on the cold pavement of an unfamiliar street.
She couldn't remember falling asleep, let alone walking anywhere - then again, her memories of the previous day were rather fuzzy at best, nonexistant at worst. I've heard of disorientation when you move to a new place, but this is ridiculous, she thought, sitting up and brushing dirt off her jacket.
These buildings surrounding her were different than the ones in Central, the streets busier and louder, the people passing by glaring at her instead of barely noticing or trying to look calm and untroublesome at the sight of her blue uniform. Everything felt narrowed here, claustrophobic and covered in a thick layer of dirt and poverty. Although it had to be at least mid-morning, the world seemed dim and lighted only by the slightly orange pools of light from lanterns hung outside houses.
" 'Ey! You! Wot're you doing just sitting there?" a man walking by called to her, distaste in his voice.
Riza blinked once, cursed herself for not moving as quickly as possible and finding somewhere safe, and stood up, looking around for something - anything - familiar in this odd city, if there was such a thing. And, disoriented as she was, as she walked down the street looking for any sign of why she had found herself here, she hardly even noticed that the holsters that usually held her twin pistols were conspicuously empty.

OTHER If anything in my application needs to be clarified or otherwise worked on, please let me know.

Also, this premise is awesome! I really hope I get in, I'm incredibly curious about exactly what's going on in this city.

- Kate
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