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Ilyas Shahzad
9th-May-2009 11:14 am
What genre of game is this, exactly?
This game is something of a chimera, combining elements of horror, mystery, adventure, adult, fantasy, and other genres to create a dynamic roleplaying experience for players and watchers alike.

Who can I apply for in this game?
Any humanoid character from any published fandom, within reason. We reserve the right to reject applications based on validity of a fandom, but will only exercise this under extreme circumstances. No original characters or animals allowed.

How did my character get here?
Going about their daily lives, your character may have felt some kind of tug, or fallen victim to some injury. They most likely do not remember the exact details of their arrival, but upon waking, they will know they are no longer in Kansas. Part of the goal in this game is for characters to figure out how and why they ended up in this place.

Where does my character wake up?
Anywhere you want, within reason. It's random; they could end up in a whorehouse in the red light district, a gutter in the slums, or on the sands of the beach. The nature of their appearance may hold a clue to why they are here, but it may mean nothing at all.

What is the goal for our characters in this game?
That changes based on what is currently occurring in the game. The first goal will be adaptation to their new surroundings. This includes finding a job, lodgings, connections, and generally getting their bearings. After two weeks or so, we will begin adding more plot development for your characters to explore. The mystery will only deepen as they learn more, and the map and terrain of the game will expand as the general knowledge of the characters does.

What kind of jobs can my character have?
This is entirely dependent on you and the general distribution of jobs available. We don't want too much of any single career, though we would like your character to have a job suited to their skills. They can also be forced into positions, or obtain careers on the black market. Slavery is also a valid option, though it would be preferred that purchasers be other played characters within the game. This would be a limited profession, as well, but these would be considered dependents and would have to be supported by their owners.

What restrictions are placed on my character in this world?
Upon arrival, the characters will be entirely powerless. After they have adjusted to their surroundings, certain abilities will slowly return, but they will not have their full powers.

Supernatural Powers are dampened to almost nothing. Telepathy, weak telekinesis, and astral projection will be preserved to a degree, but most other abilities of this nature will be nonexistent. Please inquire with the moderators regarding specific limitations.

Physical Powers are weakened to a consistent level. Inhuman characteristics, genetic mutations, and physical abnormalities will be preserved, for the most part, but others will be altered on a case-to-case basis. Please inquire with the moderators regarding specific limitations.

What happens when my character dies?
They come back, naturally. They simply lose- and perhaps gain- something along the way. The first death's loss will be discussed with the first person to die. It is tied into the plot, and contributes to the mystery aspect of the game.

What are these criminal organizations in Noyade?
There are several, but all pay their dues to the Tanrisal. This mafioso is the master of the city proper, run by the suave yet cruel Ilyar Shahzad. He keeps order within his borders, but does not press his authority beyond the control of the city. The prostitutes, drugs, and people belong to Ilyar. The question is, who does Ilyar belong to?

If your question was not answered above, please leave a comment here. We will answer you as soon as possible.
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